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Hi, I'm Tina Hyland and I'm a Life & Business Coach


I'm Tina Hyland, a certified Life & Business Coach who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and live life on their terms.


My mission is to lead, coach and inspire women like yourself to become freedom-filled, empowered business owners.  


I will teach you how to “get out of your own way”, overcome limiting beliefs around money so that you can learn to thrive, not just survive in your business. 

With over 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer, multi-unit manager and sales leader in multiple industries, I know what it takes to be successful in business and build successful teams.  Teaching, coaching and leading people to push beyond their comfort zones and reach their true potential is my zone of genius.  

Sales, strategy, systems and customer service are my JAMS!  I know how to break things down to actionable steps while achieving success without "over complicating" things.

As a Life & Business coach, I am able to not only help you with your business needs but also help you find that "work life balance" that is crucial to your long-term success and happiness.  Having a successful business is unfulfilling if it leads to burnout, overwhelm or keeps you away from family or doing what brings you joy.


Balance is key and I will show you how to sustain a profitable business while making time for you and your family without sacrificing either's success.

You have a uniqueness and key strengths to you that no one else can compare to and once you uncover what they are, how to utilize them and capitalize on them you become a powerful force that is unstoppable. You will have unleashed your core essence and gained the clarity on your soul message that you can't wait to share. Together we will get complete clarity on the direction of your business, whom you want to work with and your powerful message.


You will also be taking aligned action along the way to gain even further clarity and confidence within your business. True clarity means getting uncomfortable with taking action on what you do know, gaining experience, trusting yourself and building inner confidence that is dying to be unleashed. From there you will be unstoppable and truly creating a life and business you love. 


Whether you're an aspiring or existing entrepreneur, the reason you can become uninspired, stuck and not excited about the workload ahead is that it is not the proper business and marketing execution for you. Together, we will design a personalized business and marketing plan that excites you and get you results!


No more comparison, guessing games and burning out you just have to be willing to get uncomfortable first for that peace of mind, clarity, and momentum you've been craving.  

When you start to uncover what makes you unique, your unique abilities and core strengths everything becomes so much easier. You know exactly what you want to do, whom you want to serve and how you're going to serve them and from there you build this inner confidence and conviction in yourself and offerings to the point you start showing up and selling your offerings with complete conviction and working with your soulmate clients only.


You build this inner trust that can't be explained - you just trust yourself, you trust your investments and you trust the process where you know everything is going to be so worth it and you'll be just so excited to wake up every day to excel in your business! 


If you’re ready for a major up-level in your life and business and to finally make the impact and money you were born to, I’d love to speak with you!



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