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5 Things You Can Do to Grow Your Email List TODAY

If you’re in business, you always need to be consistently building your email list.

The people on your email list can be your biggest fans and are more likely to become customers. If you can grow your email list and fill it with active and engaged users, it can become a massive money-maker.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can begin implementing today:

1. Create a free email course or challenge

One of the quickest ways I recommend getting new emails is by sharing a free course or challenge because it is perceived as a greater value than an e-book or template. Choose your topic, share the free course or challenge and share it in places where your prospects are hanging out (Facebook, Instagram…).

2. Use exit-intent pop-ups

It is important that when people visit your website, you get their email address before they leave. An exit-intent pop-up is a highly effective strategy to get these emails into your communication funnel. What works so well with this strategy, is you can track when a user is about to leave your site and send them a targeted message at the exact time they are about to exit.

3. Create lead magnets

People love getting anything for free that helps them get closer to solving a problem that they are experiencing, so it is a great idea to create a HIGHLY VALUABLE lead magnet such as a swipe file, e-book, infographic, PDF etc., where your prospect will give you their email address in return for the lead magnet.

4. Landing Pages

If you don't have landing pages out there to build your email list, you are literally leaving money on the table. You need to focus on ONE CALL TO ACTION ONLY, meaning there is nothing else on the page to distract the visitor, all they need to do is your desired action. I recommend having between 10-15 landing pages in the marketplace at all times, so that every day, you are getting new warm leads into your communication funnel and can begin sending out nurturing email sequences to move the prospects from curious to committed.

5. Adding opt-ins within your blog posts/articles

Incorporating an opt-in within your blog post is a perfect opportunity to ask for an email address because your prospects have already taken an interest in your business or expertise by reading your blog or article.

Ready to grow your email list?

Think about all the different places customers interact with your business. Could any of these strategies work for you? Pick at least one of these email growth strategies and see how it works. Comment below and let me know which strategy you think would make the most impact on your business!

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