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Whether the idea of 2020 feels totally doable or completely confusing, this method will help you get crystal clear so you can knock it out of the park!


But it's not going to happen on accident.


We need to get intentional and see exactly where we'd like to land before we leap.


There's no better way to build out your vision for 2020 than by laying out exactly what you need to do in order to reach your revenue goals, where you can play, tweak & imagine it all right before your eyes!


1. How to clearly & simply discover what you actually want next year.

How to pull your BIG vision into daily & weekly views, so you can actually get it done

Learn how to dream up and detail out a 2020 that is perfect for YOU -- the ultimate starting point for the new year.

2. How much money you need to make -- and how you'll make it.


STOP hoping for what you will make this year and finally learn the keys to financial freedom in 2020 by discovering the path to making it a reality.


3. A formula for aligning your offers & calendar for maximum results.


The exact process I use to set revenue goals for 2020, and how I use my calendar to reverse engineer my launches.  You might be surprised to learn how I build my offers into the year in a way that truly supports my personal life.  Stop living a life you need a vacation from and instead, craft a day-to-day that you love waking up to.

4. Utilize my simple yet powerful step by step system that gives you clarity and confidence to tackle those new year goals like a BOSS!


This system will show you what you have coming up in business & in life, all at a glance and takes the guess work out of “what to do”. 

Plus, the easiest content creation hack ever: learn to “theme out” your months


All attendee’s will receive my MUST HAVE ROAD MAP TO YOUR MOST PRODUCTIVE YEAR EVER workbook!

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